• Corporate Office

    9 Southfork Dr Kilsyth VIC 3137 (Australia)
    Telephone: (03) 9439 4815, Mobile: 0432 421 533
    E-mail: michaelp@engineering-dynamics.com.au
    ABN: 64 082 127 562


Engineering Dynamics manufacturing operations include steel and rubber
products, and the distribution and sale of noise and vibration isolation products and materials.

Engineering Dynamics seeks to improve business performance and sustainability by recognising and valuing the interdependence of environmental, social and economic consideration in its decision making and balancing these with the needs of its stakeholders.

In the context of this, Engineering Dynamics is committed to achieving a high standard of environmental care by complying with current legislation and seeking continual improvement in performance by taking account of evolving scientific knowledge and community expectations.

Specifically, it is Engineering Dynamics policy to:

• comply with all applicable laws, regulations and standards; uphold the spirit of the law; and where laws do not adequately protect the environment, apply standards that prevent or minimise adverse environmental impacts resulting from its operations, products and services;

• seek to use energy, fresh water and other natural resources more efficiently where economically viable, and promote and improve the environmental credentials of Engineering Dynamics products and their application;

• communicate with government and the community on environmental issues, and contribute to the development of policies, legislation and regulations that may affect Engineering Dynamics;

• ensure that its employees and suppliers of goods and services are informed about this policy and aware of their environmental responsibilities in relation to Engineering Dynamics business;

• ensure that it has management systems to identify, control and monitor environmental risks arising from its operations; and using these systems, establish, review and document environmental objectives and targets to facilitate continual improvement.

Michael Plumb