An Elastomeric Bearing is a high load-bearing, long design life-resilient element (normally natural rubber) used to support large scale civil and building structures and commonly installed at key foundation and structural support locations. The bearing provides the necessary high-load bearing capacity, all while allowing flexibility at the structural support interface to eliminate the otherwise detrimental effects from forces such as dynamic loading, thermal expansion and contraction of the superstructure.

Dynamic load conditions can be related to prevailing sources such as road and rail transport to infrequent yet potentially catastrophic forces from seismic activity/earthquake. By virtue of flexibility at the structural support interface, an Elastomeric Bearing acts as an effective Vibration Isolator.

The early design development stage of a large-scale civil project requires specialist design input to optimise Elastomeric Bearing properties for the specific load. Specialist designers at Engineering Dynamics can also identify any isoaltion requirements and a seamless integration of the isolation system with the base building.