Solutions For Structural Vibration Isolation and Manufacturing Services

Deakin University Building U

High Load Platform elevated floors, and high impact drop zone pad flooring.

Engineering Dynamics provided the following services for this project:

Design supply and installation of two 900 square metre high performance damped spring isolated 150mm thick concrete floors (with 3 lane running track) Including Floor Levelling, damped springs, insulation, Formwork , reinforcing and concrete supervision

A Large (13 metre x 3 metre) Rebound Wall was also designed and installed by Engineering Dynamics specific to the requirements of this project.


  • Engineering Dynamics GFI-250 Gym Floor Isolators
  • Engineering Dynamics Light Weight Floor Joists
  • Engineering Dynamics Foam Void Former 30
  • Engineering Dynamics Foam Void Former 30
  • Engineering Dynamics Sports Wall / Rebound Wall Isolators