Solutions For Structural Vibration Isolation and Manufacturing Services


With over 750 Projects completed since 2012 and our project list growing each day – the projects shown below illustrate some of the wide capabilities of Engineering Dynamics.

We have completed projects including but not limited to

  • Multi Level Swimming Pool Isolations
  • Studio Floors
  • Acoustic Walls
  • Floating Concrete Floors
  • Movable Wall Sections
  • Helipad Loading
  • Audiology Room Isolation
  • Concrete Staircases
  • Gym & Sports Floors

Where the project requires a high level of vibration isolation, or complex structural dynamics – Engineering Dynamics is the clear choice.

Engineering Dynamics Tanderrum Bridge Project

Tanderrum Bridge

Engineering Dynamics provided dynamic analysis and the design, supply and installation of 4 Tuned Mass Damping systems

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Engineering Dynamics Nexus 10 Rooftop Basketball Court Isolation Project

Nexus 10 Rooftop Basketball Court Isolation

This project required the design of a stiffened floating concrete slab with resilient rubber sports surface which supported a 5 metre high fence and netted ball containment system.

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Engineering Dynamics Collins Arch Pool Isolation Project

Collins Arch Pool Isolation

The Level 34 Pool sits across the bridge between the two towers which required challenges in the structural and isolation design provided by Engineering Dynamics

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Engineering Dynamics Lucent Apartments Pool Isolation Project

Lucent Apartments Pool Isolation

In June 2017 Engineering Dynamics Completed Design and Manufacture for the largest pool on spring isolators undertaken (55 metres long x 5 metres wide) on a Rooftop Pool in Brisbane.

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Engineering Dynamics Hobart Hospital Helipad Project

Hobart Hospital Helipad

In 2017 Engineering Dynamics was appointed to conduct a full dynamic model of the Hobart Hospital and evaluate Footfall Vibration Levels along with anticipated Levels from Helicopter activities for the most sensitive areas within the Hospital.

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Engineering Dynamics ABC Studio Structural Isolation Project

ABC Studio Floor & Structural Isolation

The 4 level building housing the studios was also supported on large elastomeric isolators and seismic restraints

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Engineering Dynamics Adelaide Hospital Helipad Project

Adelaide Hospital Helipad

The structure is unique that vibration isolation has been incorporated into the engineering design effectively separating the superstructure from the sub structure. 

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Engineering Dynamics Aegis Shoreline Building Isolation Project

Aegis Shoreline Building Isolation

The structure is unique that vibration isolation has been incorporated into the engineering design effectively separating the superstructure from the sub structure. 

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Deakin University Building U Project

Deakin University Building U

High Load Platform elevated floors, and high impact drop zone pad flooring.

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Jim Stynes Bridge Project

Jim Stynes Bridge Mass Damping System

With a complex structure nearly 180m long, supported by tension cable members, Engineering Dynamics was engaged to design, manufacture and install 7 different Tuned Mass Damping Systems

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Melbourne Conservatorium of Music Project

Melbourne Conservatorium of Music (MCM)

Engineering Dynamics provided engineering design, manufacture and installation of acoustic wall ties, floating concrete floors and moving circular wall section

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West Side Place Staircase Project

West Side Place Staircase inbuilt damping system

Engineering Dynamics manufactured the entire structure for this staircase with inbuilt damping systems, and installed the staircase with concrete, reinforcing and onsite welding to enable timely completion.

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Engineering Dynamics Generator Floating Floor Project

Bourke Street Generator floating floors damped spring system

Engineering Dynamics designed, supplied and installed two 150mm thick concrete generator support floors isolated from the base building below utilizing ED-350 50mm damped spring systems.

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Dynamic Engineering Aurora Pool & Spa Isolation Project

Aurora Pool & Spa Isolation

In 2015 Engineering Dynamics Provided Pool and spa isolation for the Aurora Project ( Currently the tallest building in Melbourne at 92 Storeys).

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Engineering Dynamics Perth Childen's Hospital Helipad & Pool Isolation Project

Perth Childrens Hospital Helipad & Pool Isolation

Engineering Dynamics was appointed by John Holland in 2014 to provide Dynamic Analysis of Structures, Helipad Loading, Hydrotherapy Pool Isolation and Audiology Room Isolation advice.

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