A Tuned Liquid Damper (TLD) is a device designed to suppress resonant vibration of a structural or mechanical system by the attachment of a liquid filled reservoir.

The device suppresses vibration of an associated structure or mechanism by virtue of the counteracting forces and energy dissipation associated with the movement and turbulence of a contained liquid reservoir. TLD’s are seen as a cost effective and low maintenance form of vibration damper, but has dynamic characteristics. Its interaction with the associated structure or mechanical system are complex, requiring specialist knowledge to determine the optimal liquid motion characteristics, the required shape and thus the correct tuning of the TLD.

Engineering Dynamics is equipped with sophisticated dynamic modelling software, laboratory test equipment and in-house expertise necessary to undertake the specialist design input required for the development and construction of TLD’s. The in-house expertise in this area has been proven in industry as evidenced by the successful completion and proven performance of TLD’s which have been developed, constructed and installed by Engineering Dynamics in high profile building and civil projects across Australia.