A Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) is a device designed to alter and reduce resonant vibration of a structural or mechanical system by attaching a comparatively lightweight device.

The device alters the natural resonant behaviour of the associated main system to “split” a troublesome frequency into two resonant modes of vibration that exhibit lower resonant responses. TMD applications range from small mechanisms and machines to large civil structures such as buildings and bridges, which can be susceptible to problematic resonances due to excitation from sources such as transport, wind and seismic activity.

To be effective in reducing vibration, the design of a Tuned Mass Damper requires specialist knowledge in the dynamics of damped spring-mass systems to ensure the properties of the device are optimised for the particular application. Where necessary, TMD performance can be optimised with highly advanced closed loop electronic control features for variable tuning.

Engineering Dynamics is equipped with the sophisticated dynamic modelling software, laboratory test equipment and the in-house expertise necessary to undertake the specialist design input required for the development and construction of TMD’s. The in-house expertise in this area has been proven in industry, evidenced by the successful completion and proven performance of TMD’s. We develop, construct and install Tuned Mass Dampers in high profile buildings and civil projects across Australia.