A Vibration Logger is a device that conducts Vibration Monitoring in remote and/or long term unattended environments and locations.

In remote and long-term unattended logging scenarios, it is important to be able to remotely configure and monitor even the most basic utility functions, such as electrical power supply and mobile network status. A modern Vibration Logger device will typically include multiple precision vibration transducers, measure and record the vibration uninterrupted, and can instantly issue vibration threshold exceedance warnings via SMS. A reputable device would also be equipped with high capacity vibration signal data storage and web-based access for remote control of system utilities and remote data transfer, either via mobile network, Wi-Fi or ethernet.

While the are a significant number of high quality and reputable proprietary Vibration Logger systems available, the successful deployment of a Vibration Logger requires specialized Vibration Measurements and significant practical considerations to maintain protection of the equipment in an unattended environment or location.