Onsite Measurement

  • RL / FFL Checks and surveys
  • As Built Dimensions

Inspection of Construction Including:

  • Schmidt Hammer Testing for Onsite Concrete Hardness
  • Ground Penetrating Radar for Concrete Quality, Reinforcing cover, location and depths
  • Construction Vibration Monitoring
  • Natural Frequency Measurement of Structures
  • Damping Ratio Measurement for Structures
  • Response Factor Measurement
  • Machine Vibration Measurement
  • Determination of suitable vibration isolation for Pipe work, Equipment and machines and structures
  • Non-contact Vibration measurement of
    inaccessible mechanical equipment
  • Sound Intensity / Sound Power / Noise Path Tracing


  • Pool Isolation Maintenance Including Confined Space entry, gas Checking & Inspection
  • Replacement of failed supports
  • Maintenance of Tuned Mass Damping Systems
  • Machine Maintenance