• Corporate Office

    9 Southfork Dr Kilsyth VIC 3137 (Australia)
    Telephone: (03) 9439 4815, Mobile: 0432 421 533
    E-mail: michaelp@engineering-dynamics.com.au
    ABN: 64 082 127 562

Engineering Dynamics provides advanced measurement and analysis of Noise and Vibration. As specialists in the field of vibration control and reduction of vibration in structures, we can provide a range of products and services for both local and international markets.

Our team consists of Engineers, Technicians, and Tradespeople who can assist in product design, selection, manufacture, test and installation if required. Our design office can assist in the evaluation of entire buildings down to the size of pad required to achieve the desired outcome. Our laboratory, manufacturing facilities and offices are located in Melbourne, Eltham and Bayswater. Please advise us of your next vibration isolation or test requirements.